POWDER Conversion info

Basic conversion info
I often get emails asking "What's a recipe for this" or "How much of xxx do I need".

Before I get started, let me outline some common assumptions:
1) 5%BA + 15%BB is the limit to what most people will use. Anything above that is too painful.
2) 1 gram of powder displaces approx 0.85ml.

Now let's get started!

1st thing you'll want to do is decide what concentration you would like to make your gear. Keep in mind that the higher the mg/ml, the more solvent required which translates into more pain. To make it even more difficult, some powders like to disolve alot better than others. For the sake of this discussion, let's assume that all gear can be made at 200mg/ml and be relatively painless (except prop with test prop the highest you'll want to go is 100mg/ml).

So... say you have 10grams of Test Enanthate, and you want to make it 200mg/ml. Step 2 is to figure out how much total solution you will need. 10,000mg divided by 200mg/ml = 50ml

So now we know how much our total volume is going to be. Now we need to figure out how much of each substance that will be.

So.. assumeing that 1gram of powder displaces 0.85ml of liquid, we find that the powder itself takes up approx 8.5ml of the total volume. Next is the solvent (BA + BB). A good general rule of thumb is to have 3parts BB to 1 part BA. I suggest everyone start off with 2%BA, 6%BB.

50ml * 2%BA = 1ml BA
50ml * 6%BB = 3ml BB.

So so far we have 8.5ml displaced by the powder, 1ml displaced by BA, and 3ml displaced by BB. That gives us a total of 12.5ml. The rest of the 50ml is going to be just oil. Meaning 37.5ml of oil.

This is where the experiment process starts. 2%BA and 6%BB may not be enough solvent for what you need to do. Here's how you can tell..

Mix everything up, except 5ml of oil. Heat the solution to fully disolve the crystals. Then let it cool to room temp. If you are unable to disolve the crystals with heat, or the solution re-crystalizes when cool, you'll need to add more BA/BB.

When you get the solution to hold, re-do the formula to fiqure out how much oil you need to add to finish.

For example, if 2%BA, 6%BB didn't hold, I'd up it to 3%BA, 9%BB.

This would require me to add an additionial 0.5ml of BA, and 1.5ml of BB. This is why I left out 5cc of oil.. because with this added solvent.. the oil I need to add is only 3cc, not 5cc. If the solution were to work at 2%BA, 6%BB then I would have added 5cc of just straight oil.

Then your done! Enjoy!

Bacteriostatic water (for HCG, etc...)
No need to boil water, but use distilled water(I got 1 galllon Poland Springs brand I found in store) or water that has gone through reverse osmosis, then filter into sterile bottle through filter.

Use a 0.22 syringe filter which will do 100ml of water.

Be sure to add 1ml of sterile BA for every 99ml of water.

If you do not know what this is for, don't worry about it.

Items needed:

.22 sterile filter
1ml sterile BA(ask if there is a minimum)
100ml sterile vial
20ml syringe (the bigger the syringe the more pressure it takes)
two 18g pins one for drawing water and one for injecting in sterile vial.
small pin 27g for letting air pressure out of vial you injecting BA into

A lot of useful information can be found at: http://www.everydayfitness.net/step_by_step.shtml